Best Most Interesting Man in The World Memes

#12 No sleep

He just wants you to know that he parties harder and stays up later than you ever will.

5 Embarrassing Prom Photos

Selena Gomez

The cardboard cutout is bad enough. Buying a dress, purse and accessories so that your cardboard cutout date is well-coordinated with you is a whole other level of shame. 

Time Warp

You can excuse a lot of things with “it was the 90s”. A platinum blonde and black feathered mullet is not one of those things. 


Well this is awkward. The only thing worse than showing up to your prom with no one as your date is showing up with your unborn baby as your date.

Bieber Fever

I've seen Beliebers take things really far but this may be the limit. She’s really enjoying herself but poor Justin looks like a hostage. 


Is there anything more embarrassing than having to take your dog as a prom date? Maybe knowing that the dog doesn't want to be there either because you dyed him purple.

Hilarious Logo Fails

The Computer Doctor

This makes us think of the guys who come do house calls to repair computers in the VHS movies you 'found' in your dad's sock drawer . . . Maybe this is intentional, they know what most people use computers for.

Disney Tattoos You'll Love

#5 Up, up, and away.

Peter Pan and his gang are depicted in this whimsical silhouette tattoo.

INSANE Eyelid Tattoos

#16 He's Keeping an Eye on You

Eyelid tattoos are a thing, although we don't really understand how the needle doesn't poke through into a person's eyes.
Believe it or not, this man has his eyes closed. We wonder what it looks like when he blinks . . . sleeping next to this dude must be the creepiest experience imaginable.

#15 Lil Wayne

Here is Lil Wayne's famous eyelid tattoo, reminding us that he fears god. If he continues overdosing on cough syrup, he's going to be facing his fear pretty darn soon . . .

#14 Guys, would you?

She looks so hot, at least with her eyes closed. If she looks half as good with her eyes open as she does with them closed, then she's a babe for sure. But would her eery eyelid eyeball tattoos mean that she could never be dating material?

#13 Those Are Not His Eyes

Believe it or not, this man has his eyes closed. This is one of the most convincing eyes-on-the-eyelid tattoos we've ever seen, and it's terrifying.

#12 Eyes Closed

We don't really understand the appeal of these fake eye eyelid tattoos, but it really seems to be a thing. Maybe it's to scare off potential burglars in the night?

#11 Black Metal Warrior For Satan

Okay, even without the eyelid tattoos this guy's got a pretty intense look going. But add the pentagram and upside-down cross tattoos on his eyelid, and you have a dude who's certainly the most evil person in the mall, where he works at Hot Topic.

#10 Spiderman

This scary gentleman has a black widow tattooed on his eyelid. We won't say anymore about him because we'd prefer it if he didn't come and visit us in our worst nightmares . . .

#9 Blessed

This man has been 'blessed' with $$$$ eyelid tattoos. Perhaps a better word to tattoo on his face would be 'touched' or 'special' . . .

#8 Anime Eyes

This girl looks like she could be cute and sweet if she didn't have GIGANTIC ANIME EYES tattooed on her eyes and face. I wonder what she looks like with her eyes open?

#7 Sweet Prince

Okay, this one's actually kind of sweet and charming. Sweet beard, bro.

#6 Bombs Ahoy?

These are pretty cool, but we're not sure if the anchor and the grenade are supposed to have some kind of special meaning together, or if they are totally unrelated tattoo designs that happen to both be on this guy's eyelids.

#5 No Words

I have no words . . . just . . . there are no words. This man certainly wins the prize for most colorful and cheerful eyelid tats.

#4 He's Ready Ladies

This man is pure sex, at least that's what his eyelids are telling us. He looks a little more like pure STD.

#3 Wannabe Wayne

This dude got the same eyelid tattoos that Lil Wayne made famous. Maybe his friends call him Lil Lil Wayne?

#2 Secret Symbols

Okay, so we don't know what either of these symbols represent, but we think these are kind of cool. Definitely some of the more tasteful eyelid tattoos we've seen so far.

#1 Don't Get It?

Yeah, neither do we. It looks like the little pyramid that's on the dollar bill, interesting choice for an eyelid tattoo .

Go Home Evolution, You're Drunk

#15 The Blobfish

When it comes to ugly animals, the Blobfish certainly takes the cake. We can only assume Evolution was experiencing some deep personal issues when he created this species...The Blobfish is so ashamed of its own appearance, that it is rarely ever seen by human beings and prefers to hide in the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania. Way to go, Evolution...

#14 The Wattle Cup Caterpillar

Evolution doesn't exactly have a lot of common sense, does he? First he decides to make the most colorful and enticing caterpillar on the planet, THEN he decides to cover the creepy-crawly in thorns - and lots of them! Found only throughout various parts of Northern Australia, we've heard that this quirky caterpillar has a potent sting that is more painful than three wasp stings at once! C'mon Evolution, what next?!

#13 Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock

No, we didn't make up the name of this weird-looking bird just to have a few laughs! The Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock is widely regarded as the national bird of Peru, but what we want to know is, what the heck happened to its beak?! Evolution, you certainly have a lot to answer for - We don't know what crazy ideas were going through YOUR head at the time...

#12 The Bald Uakari

Yikes Evolution, you've obviously been holding a grudge against the Bald Uakari - Just look at that poor thing! This species is just one of many small South American primates, however, this guy really pulled the short straw! He's so ashamed of his patchy head of hair that he's forever blushing with embarrassment!

#11 The Ctenophora

Oh wow Evolution, it really seems as though you only finished half of this creature when you created him! Perhaps next time, give the Ctenophora a few more body parts than just a mouth? Also known as Comb Jellies, these marine creatures live in oceans all around the world. We get the feeling that they have a 'bone to pick' with Evolution though, and we could not blame them!

#10 The Devil's Tooth Fungus

Before you lick your lips and start craving a jam donut - be warned, this is actually a Devil's Tooth Fungus - Yikes! This species is commonly found across North America and Europe. Evolution, just what exactly were you thinking of when you created this red liquid-oozing fungus? All we can say is, go home Evolution, you certainly ARE drunk!

#9 The Goblin Shark

Oh Evolution, what have you done here?! It seems as though this Goblin Shark is extremely insecure about that long nose of his, and we don't blame him! This species is so embarrassed that it hides up to 200 meters under the waters surface. It seems as though when Evolution was creating all of the species of sharks, he thought he would try and mix things up a bit.

#8 The Marabou Stork

Have you ever seen an animal and had to look twice because you had no idea what it was? Well, let's just say that the Marabou Stork will make you look a hundred times, but you still won't know what the heck it is! Evolution, did decide to just 'copy and paste' random bits from other animals in order to create this species? See, plagiarism never looks good!

#7 The Pancake Batfish

Oh no, it looks like Evolution had pancakes and waffles on his mind when he created this Pancake Batfish! The poor species has to endure constant bullying over its 'Sunday breakfast' appearance! Here's a helpful tip Evolution, next time you try to create an animal, remember that making it look like a delicious pancake will only decrease its chances of survival...

#6 The Piglet Squid

Evolution, did you run out of ideas and simply start combining farm animals with marine life?! Piglet squids are approximately the size of a small avocado and they are found at depths of more than 100 meters under sea level. While it seems as though Evolution may very well have been drunk whilst designing this species, we have to admit, it sure is one cute squid!

#5 The Sage Grouse

We've become quite sure that Evolution only made the Sage Grouse for his own entertainment - This bird species is simply too funny! Known as the largest Grouse in North America, this bird not only has a yellow patch over its eye, but the adult male also has two yellow sacs on the neck which are inflated when he is trying to impress the female Sage Grouses! Next time you're bored Evolution, maybe just rent a DVD?

#4 The Softshell Turtle

A Turtle with a soft shell - really, Evolution? This species is commonly found in Africa, Asia, North America, and Southeast Asia, and they are also known as Pancake Turtles (again with Evolution's obsession with pancakes). It seems as though Evolution was getting tired of making the same old turtles, so thought he would mix things up a bit by giving them a soft shell - Too strange!

#3 The Sea Pig

Evolution has proved that he has a fascination with pigs and marine life it seems! The Sea Pig is part of the Sea Cucumber family and they reside in the deeper underwater parts of the ocean. Here's some advice Evolution - Next time you're having trouble coming up with a new species, try not to combine two unlikely animals as part of some crazy science experiment!

#2 The Variable Neon Slug

Let's just say that it looks like even Evolution went through that awkward neon-loving fashion phase...The Variable Neon Slug species are found in the tropical Indo-West Pacific, and they are most famous for their neon green, red and orange markings. Have you got a reasonable excuse for creating this crazy-looking creature, Evolution? We didn't think so!

#1 The Sheepshead Fish

Just look at the teeth on that fish! The Sheepshead Fish has been found in various parts of the world, from the Mid-Atlantic all the way to Texas. Evolution, just what exactly were you thinking putting several rows of human-like teeth in the mouth of a medium-sized fish?! Oh Evolution, now you're just embarrassing yourself...

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